Wednesday, 11 November 2009


This unusual church is St Martin's Church, Cwmyoy in the Black Mountains of Wales. No, it isn't falling down but yes, it is leaning! The peculiar angle of the Church is due to the unstable rock on which it is built. Consequently, no part of it is square or at right angles with any other part.

From the interior view of St Martin's, it is plain to see that everything leans - note the steps and the window in the sanctuary.

This lovely little church predates the Norman Conquest and it is still in use today.


  1. wow..beautiful church..and cute blog..:)

  2. What an unusual church. It looks beautiful, and its still in use!

  3. Hi dyeve

    Nice to hear from you. Yes, it is a bit of a "wow", isn't it? I am glad you like the blog - keep looking in.

  4. Hello Carol
    Yes, it is a most unusual church! Although standing inside the church is a real test of your balance, it is a beautiful church. If you ever get the opportunity, it is well worth a visit.


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